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May 15, 2003

Israel's Internal Arab Problem

Worse then you think

Steven Plaut in FrontPageMagazine
Israel was created in large part in order to put an end to the necessity of dealing with violent anti-Semites through the mechanism of Shah Shtill. Shah Shtill is Yiddish and means Sit Quietly. In the ghettoes and the stedtels of Europe, the response to rampaging Cossacks and anti-Semitic hooligans was Shah Shtill, sit in silence, go hide in the basement. The overall strategy was to avoid giving any appearance of offense, and provocation. Sit and be quiet and maybe they will not be as mad at us.

Shah Shtill was nothing more than a reflection of Jewish powerless in the Galut (the Diaspora). Which makes it all the more incredible that Shah Shtill has so long been the underlying fundamental of Israeli policy regarding Israeli (Green Line) Arabs.

The theme in Israeli policy regarding its own Arabs has always been Shah Shtill. It manifests itself in a refusal to enforce the law regarding Arab violations, especially in matters regarding the illegal seizing of state lands, illegal building, and illegal squatting. Naturally no one has ever serious suggested that Arabs be conscripted into national service, unlike Jews, in one of the most blatant forms of anti-Jewish state discrimination on the planet. Shah Shtill, if we simply pretend it is not there, if we ignore it, they will not be so mad at us. But if we dare to ENFORCE the law, this will ANTAGONIZE them, Gott in Himmel.

Similarly, Israeli leaders have long turned a blind eye to the near-universal support among Israeli Arabs for terrorism and their near universal support for Arab radical political parties seeking Israel’s destruction. In the past election, the political establishment dared not ban openly pro-terror pro-violence parties of Arab fascism from running in the election and their representatives now sit in the parliament. A Jewish political activist who had protested Oslo by blocking a traffic intersection however was banned by the Election Board as unfit to run.

Oslo has produced the increasing radicalization and indeed nazification of Israeli Arabs, who sense that at long last the Jews are on the run and that the destruction of the Jewish State may at long last be achievable. When the Iraqi War began, Israeli Arabs in the Wadi Ara area marched down the street and screamed, “Saddam Saddam annihilate Tel Aviv!” Israel’s response to this radicalization and the growing number of Israeli Arabs participating in suicide bombings and mass murders has been a Galut-ish shrug of the shoulders and of course Shah Shtill. Rather than confront them, Israel instead has been implementing affirmative action preferences in public service hiring and in college admissions for Arabs.

Yesterday, too little and much too late, Israel arrested 15 Islamist fascist leaders from among Israeli Arabs, many of them from the Wadi Ara area. They are charged with sending funds to Hamas and other Islamofascist terrorist organizations. Israel has never made any serious attempt to prevent its banking system from being used to funnel funds to terrorists, unlike the US. Naturally the Israeli Arabs are shrieking for blood at this violation of their civil rights. The Israeli Caring Left wants the Islamists released at once so that they can resume their wholesome civics activities. And from the Israel press one hears nothing but hand wringing and horror that someone has violated the tenets of Shah Shtill.
What more is there to say?