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May 10, 2003

Israel under siege

Some days are worse than others, and today was so bad, one need not have even read the news in detail - Flash News is more than sufficient. Below is the Flash News panel from Ha'Aretz, 10/05/2003, 8:10 PM EDT, with my comments inserted in brackets and bold font. The news only covers a period of three and a half hours, with lots more - and much worse - in detailed stories.

02:26 Bashar Assad to Newsweek: Syria hasn`t decided whether to restrict Palestinian militant groups operating on its soil [In other words, Syria simply ignores anything and everything Powell has said].

02:03 Israel lifts closure from territories, allowing Palestinians to enter Israel to work [In other words, while the PA is openly flouting the Roadmap, while terror continues undiminished -- see below -- Israel has already been coerced into making concessions. Tomorrow's bin Ladnes are taking note.]

23:51 Shots fired at IDF troops in West Bank city of Tul Karm; no injuries or damages reported [And why should the terror cease? The PA already knows that the US will give it a state, regardless.]

22:37 Yasser Arafat`s Fatah movement calls upon Palestinian government to boycott U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell [Well, did anyone think the PA will be grateful for Powell serving as their emissary? As bin Laden said, people see a strong horse and a weak horse...]

22:30 Egyptian FM Maher accuses Israel of `dodging` duties set out in Mideast road map [...But not a word about terrorist Aratrash trashing even the weak demands made on the PA by the Roadmap!]

22:18 Series of rockets fired at northern Gaza Strip settlement in Gush Katif bloc; two people lightly wounded [Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. Let's reward them with a sovereign state by 2005]

22:11 Powell: As President Bush has said, we expect settlement activity to end, we have assurances from Israel about this [Will Powell also demand that no Jews be allowed to build in NYC? Then why should they not build in the Jews' ancestral land?]

22:07 Powell: Israel, Palestinians to deal with Palestinian right of return in due course [So, the PA gets a major concession form the outset - a promised state. But Israel gets zero. And in fact, Israel's comments are ignored with contempt. That's how the US treats its ally! Shame, shame!]

22:06 Powell: I visited Syria to make sure it understood that there is new strategic situation in region [See first item above. They understand, and ignore. As soon as Powell assured Syria there would be no use of force, he bacme a "weak horse", to be ignored.]
The simple truth is that the US administration is no friend of Israel, and the only hope Israel has is the support and pressure from simple folk like us. If we don't raise our voices in support of Israel, her security will be compromised, to the great delight of terrorists everywhere. And then they will come for us. They did so in 9-11, didn't they?