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May 13, 2003

ISRAEL: Little Deals Favored over The Big Deal

Interesting tidbits via The Strategy Page
May 12, 2003: Israel is apparently pursuing a series of secret meetings with Palestinian leaders they feel they can trust and work with. The idea appears to be to make deals that will end Israeli military occupation in return for local Palestinian leaders expelling terrorists from their towns. There are some areas that are very much terrorist strongholds, but since it is unlikely that Israel will get a deal with a Palestinian government to stop the terrorist attacks, it helps to get the terrorists out of some Palestinian towns and neighborhoods.

May 11, 2003: Discussions over a American based peace plan continue, but few Israelis or Palestinians give it much chance of success. The main problem is the Palestinian terror organizations, that insist that Israel be destroyed and are unwilling to negotiate on that point. The terror organizations are considered too powerful for the Palestinian Authority to defeat or expel from Palestinian territory.

May 8, 2003: Israeli counter-terrorism tactics continue to work, keeping the number of suicide bomber attacks much lower than they were a year ago, despite an increase in the number of suicide bomber attack attempts. Increasingly, suicide bomber attacks are stopped as their operations are still being organized within Palestinian areas, or as they are on the way to their targets.