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May 25, 2003

Israel: It's Still Safe to Come

Alison Kaplan Sommers posts this funny piece, found by her at Jewish Bulletin of Northern California
Fabulous strategy for pro-Israel activism in oh-so-liberal California, in my opinion...

A condom giveaway on the campus of U.C. San Diego has gotten plenty of people hot and bothered.

As the highlight of an on-campus campaign entitled "Got Israel?" pro-Israel students at UCSD recently handed out condoms and T-shirts emblazoned with an anthropomorphic condom cartoon and the catchphrase, "Israel: It's still safe to come."

In addition to spouting a double entendre lewd enough to make Benny Hill blush, the condoms proved the point that Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which women and homosexuals are entitled to equal rights, according to the giveaway's student organizers.

The condoms came equipped with a card discussing "sexual freedoms and women's rights in different Mideastern countries and Israel. It showed the literacy rates of women, the percentage of women employed, whether homosexuality is legal. On that basis, people could make their own decisions on how free and democratic Israel is," said co-organizer Eddie Cohen.

But apparently, some of the more traditional members of the San Diego Jewish Community are a bit uncomfortable with this campaign. Too bad for them. This is a great way to try to win over the hearts and minds (and other organs) of the 20-somethings in SoCal. Next stop should be Berkeley.