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May 01, 2003

ISRAEL: From the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea


[...] We're doing what we can to tell the State Department, George Bush, the UN, Arafat and Colin Powell that every grain of sand on that piece of geography between the Mediterranean and Dead Sea belongs to the Jewish people," said the founder and president of the Religious Roundtable, Ed McAteer, who is a member of the coalition along with American Values, headed by Gary Bauer, the Apostolic Congress and Americans for Safe Israel (AFSI).

"Bush is absolutely, 100% wrong on supporting and even talking about an idea called the road map," said McAteer.

According to one campaign planner, the billboard locations, which currently include 60, three-month slots in Colorado, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, were chosen based on their large Evangelical populations and close 2000 presidential election results.

In addition to posting billboards, the coalition has also sent out 12,000 blue and white bumper stickers urging Christian Zionists to pray for Bush to support Israel.

"We're hoping this will be something that will turn the president away from the road map, turn him away from a Palestinian state," said AFSI executive-director Helen Freedman.

The Zionist Organization of America also launched an anti-road map initiative this week. The campaign plans to run full-page ads arguing that the Palestinian leadership hasn't renounced terrorism and the creation of a Palestinian state would jeopardize Israel's security