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May 24, 2003


Pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr., a prolific author of books and articles, sends us this article which we are happy to pass along to you.
Anti-tank explosive bang-big! slashes into Israeli bus on its jaunt from Karni to Netzarim today, Friday. Close to Rafah, border officials blow up 30-kil bomb in a controlled explosion setting. Nine Israelis are injured in the bus explosion, according to DEBKAfile.

Is this why Sharon and Cabinet are hesitant about signing onto the roadmap? It's full of holes and land mines and Palestinian militants hiding out in the pits.

A home in Hebron is guarded by Israeli militia to force out a known terrorist hooked up with the captured Egyptian boat. On board was the Hizballah bomb expert traveling toward to the Gaza Strip.

Is this why Israelis are not willing to pick up pen to sign on to present Middle East peace plans?

The roadmap demands that both sides lay down arms at the same time. Each balks. No wonder. Israel lays down its arms and the terrorists from Arafat's board room lunge forth for the last push of Jews into the Sea. Eh?

The Israeli navy this week got hold of a boat hiding Hizballah terrorists who were headed for big time blow-up trouble in Israel, all under orders from none other than Arafat-the-irrelevant, tee-hee.

Onboard that vessel was Hamad Amara, explosive expert for the Palestinians. He was carrying the formula for secret big-time tank-blow-up explosives. He was on his way to give them, with specific instructions, to Fatah, Hamas and Jihad Islamic militants in Gaza Strip.

The whole affair was overseen by deputy Palestinian navy commander Fathi Razem and Palestinian Authority procurements director Adel el Mughrabi. These were getting their cues from none other than, guess who, Mr. Arafat himself.

No wonder then that Israel will not agree to a 2005 date for Palestinian State realization. Israel will push for that date to be conditional, of course. The condition is that Palestinian terrorists are no more.

And as the world knows from Middle East this-n-that since May 14, 1948, a lot lot lot can happen between now and the year 2005. For sure. Israel is no fool, thank God.