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May 05, 2003

Is the ISM Helping Terrorists Again

The pattern is beginning to become clear: the International Solidarity Movement, so vaunted among many anti-Zionist and Human-Right's circles, is a full-fledged supporter of terrorism.

Today's acknowledgement by ISM member Raphael Cohen that the group met with the two British suicide bombers before they went on to strike Tel Aviv is just another striking connection to a web of terror spun by this supposed peace organization.

Another example was portrayed in the film "Jeremy Hardy Vs. The Israeli Army." In the film you see the ISM walking up to a roadblock, and harass the soldiers. Funny thing is that I recognized on of the soldiers--a very close friend of mine, Yonah Binstock--who relayed me the story of the events. Turns out that there were high warnings of two suicide bombers that day, and the soldiers were so distracted by the multinationals that the bombers slipped past. More blood on the ISM's hands.

And then New Voices Magazine, a Jewish magazine for aspiring writers, published a story called "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOODLES," basically vindicating the ISM and laying the blame on Rachel Corrie's death on the IDF. I must admit that I had first thought the magazine had some potential, but, other than Daniela Gerson who is one of the editors, it would basically be a magazine for Jews Against the Occupation.

The ISM must be given no respect, no support, and no condolences as long as they actively support terrorists.