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May 12, 2003

Irish Spring

The Irish are accustomed to remind the world that for 700 years they were ruthlessly oppressed by the British. One would have thought that with this history, the Irish would have sympathy for other oppressed peoples, and would know to distinguish between oppression and a tantrum. But Ireland’s persistent anti-Israel stance contradicts this expectation. The Republic shows absolutely no sympathy for Israel and great sympathy for the tantrums thrown by the “Palestinians”.

This is particular so around this time, as the “Palestinians” throw their annual Nakba tantrum. Here is an example that is probably replicated a million-fold all over OLD EUROPE.

The University College at Cork (UCC) is a publicly-funded institution. A recent issue of the official UCC newsletter, Eolas, has posted a press release marking Nakba Day. It reads in part as follows [bold font added]:
Palestinians mark 15 May as Nakbah Day. Nakbah is the Arabic for "catastrophe". This Thursday, 15 May, will mark 55 years of dispossession for those Palestinians who were expelled from their homeland in 1948. To mark this sombre anniversary and to highlight the ongoing oppression of Palestinians in the diaspora, the West Bank and Gaza, and the racial discrimination from which Palestinian citizens of Israel suffer, the UCC branch of the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign is showing a season of films. Admission is free.

[A detailed schedule of events follows.]
UCC forgot to note that “Admission is free” to participants, but not to the tax payers. Which is the first point I wish to make: How come publicly funded institutions foot the bill for terrorist propaganda?

The second question concerns balance in institutions which are supposed to promote openness. My inquiry has led me to the conclusion [and I stand to be corrected, of course] that UCC has never posted anything pro-Israel, nor has there been any recognition of Israel’s Independence Day.

A copy of this post is being sent to the Irish legation in Ottawa and to UCC. I urge reader in countries other than Canada to send a copy to the Irish legation in their own country. Let our voice be heard on behalf of our sister-democracy, Israel.