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May 15, 2003

An interesting take on the way to get peace

gedankenpundit, aka Solly Eziekiel has an interesting perspective on how and when peace might be achieved
On again, off again. The so-called "right of return" is going to sink the latest roadmap, showing once again that Israelis and Palestinians are still too far apart on the issues (of which the "right of return" is only one) for peace to be possible at the present time. The sooner people realize that and quit hoping for miracles, the less disappointed everyone will be when the roadmap falls through and the Palestinians start blowing their kids up again.

Got that? The smart money has it that the roadmap is stillborn and it's only a matter of time before we go back to more of the same.

Although very few people want to admit it, there's only one way out of this. Writing in the Arizona Republic, Phil Boas observes that a necessary precondition to the establishment of a Palestinian state is a Palestinian civil war.

The Palestinians now face their blood debt. They have so nurtured the pathology of martyrdom in their own communities that they must spill their own blood to be rid of it.
Those of us who advocated war in Iraq never said war there was a good thing; rather, it was our belief that all options regarding Iraq were going to result in deaths, and that invasion was the option that would result in the smallest number of dead. So it is with Palestinian civil war. It will be violent, ugly, evil, and a lot of innocent people will die. Yet there are no better alternatives. The Palestinian leaders have painted their society into a corner, and the only way out is to eliminate the murderous elements of Palestinian society.

The Palestinians need their own Abraham Lincoln. Call him (or her) Ibrahim Lincoln. Ibrahim Lincoln will have to be willing to take his people to war in order to eliminate the terrorist organizations. He will need to rally his people to the cause, and convince large numbers of them to die for it. He will probably get assassinated before it's done, and someone else will have to carry on. And Ibrahim Lincoln, even if he exists, hasn't a hope of accomplishing any of this until Arafat exits stage left.

Sound like an unlikely prospect? It is. Without outside intervention I doubt it will ever happen. As in Iraq, the established government (if you want to call it that) wields far too much power to be unseated by a popular revolt. A third party will have to come in, destroy the government and let the remaining contenders duke it out -- and even then there's no guarantee that Ibrahim Lincoln will win.

I don't doubt the Israelis would love to hurry this process along, but they can't. If word gets out that Israel is meddling in Palestinian politics Ibrahim Lincoln will be assassinated by his own people. The US probably can't do it either. It has to be someone else -- perhaps a democratic Iraq? I don't know. Until then, the Israelis would do well to keep their powder dry and their eyes open.