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May 11, 2003

In a nutshell

The Middle East “cycle of violence” can be summarized as follows:

US coerces, Israel caves; Arabs murder, US rewards.

Below, quoted verbatim from the Flash News panel of today's [May 11, 2003] Ha'Aretz, is the proof of this thesis. The lines speak for themselves and require no commentary. Times indicated are Israel time.

08:10 Israeli killed in shooting attack near Ofra died from head wounds; unclear if caused by bullets or car overturning

08:18 Shots were fired at another vehicle in Ofra attack, but failed to hit it

08:20 MK Benny Alon (National Union): U.S. pressure on Israel is `immoral` and hinders fight against terror

08:28 Two Qassam rockets fired from Gaza Strip into Negev town of Sderot; no injuries reported

08:45 Hamas spokesman in Gaza Strip: All statements by Abu Mazen indicate he won`t disarm Palestinian groups

09:47 Israeli man killed in shooting attack near Ofra identified as Zion David from Givat Ze`ev, father of six

10:32 IDF: Fatah`s Tanzim militia in Ramallah responsible for fatal shooting of Israeli near Ofra

10:35 Palestinian sources in Ketziot Prison say preparations made in morning for release of 61 Palestinian prisoners

11:48 Israel to release about 200 Palestinian administrative detainees by Monday night as good-will gesture

12:00 Funeral of Zion David, murdered near Ofra, will take place Sunday at 4:30 at Givat Shaul in Jerusalem

13:30 Fatah and PFLP claim responsibility for Ofra shooting attack

14:32 Hezbollah forces toss mine at border fence with Lebanon; no injuries as mine explodes

16:00 Shots fired at bus traveling in northern West Bank, near settlement of Kadim; no injuries

6:33 Abu Mazen: we demand end to settlements, assassinations, freeing of prisoners, Arafat`s freedom of movement

16:39 Powell: U.S. has promised $50 million to boost roads, jobs, reform and small businesses in PA

More than any 10,000-word article, these few lines explain how we are inviting another 9-11 upon ourselves. Anyone with the slightest knowledge about the system of punishment and reward that controls human conduct understands that rewarding a terrorist establishment for murders just committed and acknowledged, is to invite more of the same. Powell's policy is a menace not merely to Israel, but also to people in all democracies.