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May 21, 2003

The Immense Potential of Pro-Israel Blogging

As someone who stumbled into the blogosphere myself during the past year and noticing the immese efforts of Israel's enemies, there is no question that the the power of the internet to promote one's cause is not only indespensible but quickly becoming the most relevant, authoratative and free method of mass communication.

The many uses and power of the internet are nowhere even close to being harnessed or realized by the end-user - the public. That's the point about blogging and the internet - in the world of real time free exchange of ideas, there are no barriers - age, sex, distance, nothing (assuming you live in a free country). I think its amazing.

What I think the bloggers - and indeed Israel advocates in the diaspora - need to understand is the need to be more in touch with the cultural and societal environment in which decisions are made and how they affect Israelis, who I can personally tell you that in spite of this horrible and incomprehensible terror, still aspire above all to an inclusive peace with our neighbours. That we are literally devoted to the cause of achieving peace for ourselves amongst our neighbours. This last part of the message often does not get across as it is indeed tough not to address the heap of propoganda, horrors and injustices of the moment.

Israel will and indeed is waking up to the great utility and power of the free masses ability to communicate their ideas and perspective - a freedom that has unfortunately been almost exclusively exercised by forces who are paradoxically intent on destroying those freedoms. Israel IS sexy, cool, exciting AND the good guys.
We just have to make it known to the world.

If you look at -for lack of better term on my part - the "demographics" of the people involved in pro-Israel advocacy a truly effective "mass-independent" new media campaign by well educated, computer-literate people - manifested in the blogging community, I have every reason to think that this can be very successful.

Joseph, you have nothing but support and encouragement for your initiative. There is no reason why Israpundit cannot grow to be a sort of clearing house of no-nensense pro-Israel information -which in essence it already is. For all those out there - help him! Coordinate yourselves. Good things will come of it.