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May 24, 2003

I am hoping this conversation takes place.

I just received a copy of the McGill Report in which Douglas McGill imagines what George W Bush would like to say to the Saudis. It makes for great reading. Here's a couple of paragraphs,
"My fellow Americans, thank God we won in Iraq, because at long last we can begin to extricate ourselves from our lose-lose, co-dependent, morally degrading, and mutually destructive relationship with Saudi Arabia.

"How I hate those photo-op sessions with the Saudi royals. I have to clench my teeth and smile every time, because I know what they're really doing. They're using their billions in oil profits to protect and prolong their corrupt regime. They spend hundreds of millions each year to keep every member of the extended royal Saud family docile in their palaces and their yachts, instead of scheming to take down King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah. MORE