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May 07, 2003

How "Palestinians" demonstrate their burning desire for peace

In an article entitled "Nussaibeh pressured to scrap peace statement signed with former Shin Bet chief", JPost reports today (May 7, 2003) as follows:
The PLO's top representative in Jerusalem, Dr. Sari Nussaibeh, is under mounting pressure from Palestinian hardliners to scrap his joint peace initiative with former Shin Bet security service chief Ami Ayalon.

Nussaibeh and Ayalon signed a statement of principles last year calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The statement has been strongly criticized by many Palestinians because it ignores the refugees' right to return to their former villages inside Israel.
Earlier this week, representatives of various Palestinian political factions held an emergency meeting in Ramallah to discuss the Nussaibeh-Ayalon initiative. At the meeting, speakers condemned the peace plan, describing it as a "suspicious" move that contradicts the national positions of the Palestinians.

A statement issued at the end of the meeting by the National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other political factions, said the plan was aimed at "dealing a blow to the PLO's political program by giving up the sacred right of return."
The Nussaibeh-Ayalon plan is far from sufficient to secure Israel's basic needs, for it entails returning to the June 4, 1967, borders and evacuating all the Jewish communities in Yesha. But even this plan, because it requires that the Arabs forego the "right of return" fiction, is too much for the Arabs of Yesha, and not just any "Arabs of Yesha" but for the "coatlition of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other political factions" (isn't that everybody?)

Under these circumstances, what meaning does the vaunted Roadmap have?

In this context, a reference to the issue of the "Palestinian" security forces warrants reiteration (the issue was mentioned in an earlier IsraPundit piece). In an article entitled "Abbas appoints Dahlan as acting Interior Minister", JPost reports today (May 7, 2003) that
Arafat wants to keep control of the security services and therefore created the new National Security Council, headed by himself, which is not under the control of the interior minister.

The Americans had demanded that the PA reduce its many security services to three agencies under the control of the Interior Minister, but Arafat insisted on keeping five security bodies, placing three under his direct control and leaving only the Preventive Security and the Civilian Police under the control of the Interior Minister.
So far, Aratrash has got away with this violation of the Roadmap, just as he got away with a lifetime as a terrorist. What does that tell us about the way the Arabs in Yesha are welcoming peace?

In a second related news story, AP reports today (May 7, 2003) that
[I]n an interview broadcast late Tuesday on Palestine television, new Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas said he could not drop the Palestinian demand [the "right of return"].

Abbas, a refugee himself, said, "The refugees issue is for the final status. Keep it there and we will discuss it.

"Why would I drop the right of return for refugees? It is not my right to drop it."
If, as abu Mazen says, the "right of return" is not his "right to drop", then what is there to discuss now or ever???

Is the Quartet willfully blind or outright evil?