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May 26, 2003

Here they go again

The LA Times, Anti-Israel Boycott Watch advises that
The LA Times calls Sharon "uncompromising" under a photo of him on its front page today, the day after Sharon accepted the biggest political compromise in the history of Modern Israel - acceptance of the flawed Road Map.

"A war veteran famously ruthless in battle, a man they call the Bulldozer and the father of the Jewish settlement enterprise, the uncompromising Sharon is an improbable peace broker" writes the LA Times. Inciting rhetoric.

Abu Mazen, who does not yet appear to have lifted a finger to stop the terrorism, is not labeled uncompromising. The LA Times also criticizes Israel for setting out objections to the Road Map "that could complicate the plan's implementation".

This rhetoric is reminiscent of the general media attitude towards then Prime Minister Menachem Begin who ceded the entire Sinai Peninsula to Egypt and yet was labeled the "intransigent" one. It is incorrect too. Sharon is not "the father of the settlement enterprise". The Labor Government started the settlements in the early '70s to bolster Israel's security.

This noxiously hard-line anti-Israel paper is determined to keep pushing and pressuring Israel on behalf of the PLO. It is a shame and a disgrace that supporters of Israel continue to buy it.

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