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May 30, 2003

Hamas ceasefire (maybe)

Martin Kimel has two items worth a reading
First, as this story reports, people within Hamas have different ideas of what it is they might agree to -- conditionally ceasing attacks only within Israel proper, within both Israel and the territories, trying to avoid targeting civilians (meaning they would still kill Israelis soldiers), etc. Second, given Hamas and Islamic Jiahd's goals of erecting an Islamic state over Israel's grave, nothing less than the disarmament and disbandment of these groups should be considered an appropriate basis for the creation of a Palestinian state. It's interesting to hear Sheik Yassin suggest that Hamas might disarm upon the creation of a Palestinian state, but there's little reason to believe that Hamas has suddenly given up its rasion d'etre.

And this quote by Abbas demonstrates a complete lack of will to confront the terrorists of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade:

Asked whether the Palestinian Authority would resort to using force against Hamas, as it did in 1996, should the understandings be violated, Mr. Abbas, said: "We are not going backward. A civil war never."
* * *
JTA has a fascinating piece on anti-Semitism in Holland. The reaction of the Jewish mayor of Amsterdam cited in the article is shameful. [note: see link in article for this second piece]