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May 21, 2003

Good News: Bush Considers Amending the Road Map.

Martin Kimel has two nice tidbits, one of which is good news for those fearful of the Bush Road Map. See links within text

To the dismay of many in the administration, the plan, which was supposed to facilitate peace, has become an impediment to it, in the process isolating Israel as opposing something favored by Europe, the United Nations, Russia, the American president and the Arab world.

Administration officials now say that they face a choice of abandoning the road map altogether and starting over, or somehow trying to persuade Israel to endorse it, perhaps by agreeing to some changes.

Fortunately, this report indicates that the administration is not accepting the false choice offered by the Washington Post editorial board today, which is to push the Road Map without changes or to accept blame for inaction and another Israeli-Palestinian breakdown. The Post's disdain for the right of a democratic Israel to decide what is in its own best interests is nothing less than shameful.
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WaPo Bias Watch -- or, don't know much about history. This is the kind of blunder that results either from buying into the Palestinian narrative wholesale or from ignorance of the region's history. Here's the key paragraph in Karen DeYoung's story:

srael rejects the document's reference to negotiations over the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israeli territory from which they or their ancestors were ejected, as well as its positive reference to a proposal made last year by Saudi Arabia. That proposal cited the "right of return" and the final status of Jerusalem as subjects for negotiation. Neither would be accepted by Sharon's carefully balanced cabinet, the Israeli official said. (Emphasis added.)

But, of course, many if not most of the Palestinians who fled their homes during the Arab-launched war of independence did so voluntarily; that is, they were not "ejected." I've asked WaPo's ombudsman for a correction. I'll keep you updated.