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May 06, 2003

Going toe-to-toe with Sharon about the Map

JPOST did well to add Sarah Honig to its team. Here she is going toe-to-toe with Israel's great General. And the results are not neccessarily those one would consider the most predictable.

"Ariel Sharon's favorite reply to critics surprised by his determined championship of a Palestinian state is that from his vantage point things look different.

But he already viewed the arena from the elevated prime ministerial perch when he stood over a long row of body bags at the Patt junction not too long ago. At his feet lay the motionless victims of yet another bus bombing on a weekday Jerusalem morning.

"Are these the people," he asked referring to Palestinian terror overlords "to whom you want to give a state?" His pained query was doubtlessly addressed to George W. Bush.

So what's happened since? Has his vantage point inconspicuously and inexplicably shifted? I put this question to a leading Likud politician, one of the very few in his party reputed to be really close to Sharon.

His take is that Sharon hasn't fundamentally changed but has opted for clever tactics to buy us all time. Why appear as the bad guy striving to stymie Bush's attempts to please the Europeans and appease seething Arabs?"
(emphasis added).

Read the rest of it to consider whether we do not have here a ''penny-wise, pound-foolish" decision.