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May 21, 2003

Globe and Mail is at it again

In response today, I wrote two letters to the editor

Paul Knox
Paul Knox's bias is all too evident.

After describing the carnage in Israel and the perhaps mortal blow it dealt the roadmap, Paul Knox goes on to attack Israel and Prime Minister Sharon rather than the perpetrators of the violence.

He writes that the "moderate Palestinian backers" of the roadmap were already undercut by Sharon's insistence on the Palestinians "dropping of the Palestinians' long-standing claim to the right of return to land from which they were expelled."

This is troubling for a number of reasons. It is far from certain that there are moderate Palestinian backers as he blithely states. He assumes that because the roadmap was drawn up by the quartet, Israel, who wasn't a party to it, has no right to reject it outright or set preconditions. By what right does the Quartet have to impose the roadmap on Israel in the first place? He doesn't add that there is no right of return recognized in law or that such a right would mean the end of Israel. It is enough for him that such right is claimed. Finally he ignores that most of the refugees left on their own accord and prefers to gain sympathy for the refugees describing them as having been expelled.

He further shows his bias by disparaging Sharon because "of the kind of man he is." What kind is that prey tell? Sharon is a democratically elected leader with overwhelming support in Israel who is determined to protect Israel. That's the kind of man he is.

No where in his article does he criticize Arafat or Mazen for the continuation of terror. Why not?

Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein's totally biased article in support of Rachel Corry and ISM is one thing but it is quite another for her to write, and for the editor to permit, that Ms Corrie died in "Israeli-occupied Palestine."

First, there is no country called "Palestine". There are only disputed territories captured by Israel in a defensive war, in which territories,the Security Council, by Resolution 242, authorized Israel to remain in occupation of, until it had secure and recognized borders.

It is distortions such as these that create erroneous perceptions and fail the cause of truth.