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May 11, 2003

Eyesoftheworld pipes in on the "Road Map"

Marwan Barghoutti asks:

"If Abu Mazen is prime minister, how is it that I am a terrorist?"

He's got a point.
Free Barghoutti!
No, that's not it...

The "Road Map" seems to have been plowed through under my nose while I was busy writing exams. I thought the Palestinians wouId follow their usual form and "miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" before it even happened - which of course they almost did. They managed to pull through and all of a sudden people are taking this "Road Map" seriously.

The notion that Abu Mazen is a man that Israel can make peace with is a joke. I would probably laugh at the whole thing too if my grandparents weren't Holocaust survivors and if it wasn't my ass that's gonna have to keep risking my life one month a year. In the mean time, fat diplomats can all give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back (and maybe a new Italian suit while we're at it), for "being committed to finding a just and lasting peace"... and keeping their jobs for another day by not really solving the problem.

I like Colin Powell and all - at lest he's a soldier who knows what war is about. However, the well-known rot at the U.S. State Department is getting to the point where they could do some serious damage. It seems that it is not the Likudnik neo-cons close to the president that have the power, but the Fatah terror apologist Arabists that are dictating US policy.

If regime change indeed starts at home, then it is not the Presidency of the United States that needs change -as that change is constitutionally guaranteed every 8 years (and usually sooner), but the over 50 years of Arabist appeasement entrenched at Foggy Bottom. Why is it like this? I really don't get it...I mean I'll work there if they can't find anyone in the whole country who will honestly tell them about the "root causes" of the Mid-East conflict.

The problem of course is so obvious that we often forget it. Over a billion people in the Arab/Muslim world STILL teach their kids that yours truly was decended from pigs and apes, and that yours truly is an evil "soldier of occupation" and not a citizen of a democracy with rights and obligations.

The ridiculous nature of the first "Road Map obstacle" in the form of the Palestinian "Right of Return" (to Israel proper) just shows that the Palestinians still, after over two and a half years of getting thrashed militarily and watching any gains of autonomy they made get wiped out, STILL have no interest in coexisting with my Jewish state of Israel.

Why would Palestinians want to return to a Jewish state? Wouldn't they want to live in a thriving and prosperous Palestinian state (on whatever or even both sides of the Jordan)?

It doesn't make any sense. Unless of course the goal is to eradicate the character of the one and only Jewish state where Jews can finally have a guaranteed refuge from thousands of years of pogroms, inquisitions, dhimmitude and holocausts.

On another point, the substance of the "Road Map" is theoretically all fine and dandy, assuming there is a willing partner on the other side (which is questionable to say the least). Why the timetable though? Really? Wasn't the one undeniable lesson of Oslo (yes amongst many...including engaging in it in the first place...I know...) that these things are not governed by a calendar but on concrete results on the ground? They come when they come.

I've done a lot of hiking, camping and mountaineering in my day and to take an analogy from errr, map reading, maps tell you HOW FAR YOU HAVE TO GO, not how long it's going to take you. Further, on a hiking trip, if you missed the last water source for the next three days, then you GO BACK and fill up your canteen. Why is this map any different? If the Palestinians don't fight terror, then nobody - especially Arabists at the State Department - has any business telling Israel that the "time has come" to move on to the next phase.

Are we really still talking about this? The only "just and lasting" Mid-East peace is one where every leader in the Arab/Muslim world - no matter how uncomfortable, politically disasterous, or "dishonorable" it might be - explains to their people about the utter falsehoods of the horrible brainwashing that their leadership - both political and religious - has subjected them to. Consequently these peoples have been left in the dust by the forces of modernity to which Israel is a positive and indeed indespensible contributor. This must be a sincere and heartfelt apology, both to Israel and their own populations who have borne the brunt of the suffering caused by the horrible disease of Arab/Muslim rejectionism of Israel.

When this happens, I'll be more then happy to draw up a clear and concise map - including interesting sightseeing stops and daytrips on the way - as to how we can "solve" the Mid-East conflict.