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May 31, 2003

Except where Israel is concerned...

The war against terrorism continues, and the US will take no half-measures. So says the vice president of the US, as reported today [May 31] in a Reuters dispatch entitled, "No Deterrents in U.S. War on Terror - Cheney":

WEST POINT (Reuters) - The United States will not pursue deterrence or containment policies in its so-called war on terrorism but would instead seek to utterly destroy its enemies, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Saturday.

In a speech to the 2003 graduating class of the U.S. Military Academy, Cheney also warned that the United States remained willing to use its military might against any nation supporting terrorists.
Ah, brave words indeed! But Cheney forgot to mention the exception: "Israelis need not apply". When it comes to Israel's security, half-measures, quarter-measures, smoke and mirrors, words in lieu of deeds - any of those will suffice. Here is one proof, one of all too many, as cited from today's AP report, "Palestinians, U.S. Discuss Declarations":
JERUSALEM (AP) - The United States accepts a Palestinian plan to persuade militant groups to halt anti-Israeli attacks rather than launch an immediate crackdown, the Palestinians said Saturday ahead of a three-way summit with President Bush.
Israel has said that for now it would accept a cease-fire from the militants, though it wants Palestinian officials to act to disarm and disband the groups as soon as possible.
If you are a US citizen, then the next time Bush/Cheney solicit your vote, ask yourself: in the face of such blatant discrimination against Israel, do they merit your vote?

On a personal note, I should add that the consistent, systematic unfairness with which Israel has been treated by her supposed friends - including the US and Canada - was one of the top 36 reasons why I found myself compelled to actively support Israel.