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May 05, 2003

The Doomed Map

"The wars waged against Israel – five, excluding the Oslo War - have been based on the Arab world´s desire to eliminate Israel from the map. These wars have been waged by the Arab states and it is from these states that the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) fell into Israeli hands, after yet another war of Arab aggression in 1967. The premise that lands can be "returned" to the "palestinians" is of course a fallacy, since they were never theirs. It is also a false premise to believe that peace may be achieved by rewarding the aggressor. In most accepted historical norms, it is in fact the aggressor - the Arabs in this case - who must give up land for peace. Indeed, there is no historic precedent of the victor, as Israel was in 1967, giving land to the vanquished. Such a strategy is bound to fail, as it does not include any consequences for aggression. It is almost like saying to the Arabs that they have nothing to loose by perpetually attacking Israel, as they will always get back what they lost - and probably more."

The writer is undergraduate student of chemistry. His writing on the fraudulent map would easily entitle him to a diploma in historical reasoning.