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May 09, 2003

Don't sell out our friend Israel!

Tell Bush: 'road map' will only lead to future bloodbath

From Conservative

    Want to find the path to peace in the Middle East? Don't ask France, Germany, Russia or the United Nations for directions. They're not to be trusted for advice on how best to fight terrorism, either.

    Nevertheless, in a shocking reversal of President George W. Bush's stated policies, the U.S. State Department is advancing this suspicious cast of characters to devise and direct a so-called "road map" that supposedly will settle the Palestinian conflict.

    Instead of a peaceful solution, this road map ominously leads only to an even greater bloodbath for Israel and oppression by corrupt Arab leadership for the Palestinian people! Its stealthy result would be to eradicate Israel as a Jewish state, and maintain the Palestinian population under the brutal control of terrorist thugs.

    Your help is urgently needed to make sure a fatal U-turn in America's alliance with Israel is not the road taken by the Bush Administration. Palestinian "leadership" is already navigating the road map's ominous path, and now Israel is being pressured to agree to its disastrous direction.

    It is not too late to turn America and Israel from sure disaster -- if you act now! Sign the petition below urging President George W. Bush and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to throw this errant road map out the window and stay our course in defending Israel, our friend and ally. Tell our leaders -- for the safety of our nation and the world -- America must ensure that any pursuit of the Mid-East "peace process" will:

    Oppose rewarding murderous Palestinian terrorism with statehood that undermines our own war on terror and -- through dangerous concessions of security, territory and sovereignty -- ultimately fosters renewed Arab aggression against an increasingly vulnerable Israel.

    Reconfirm the stated U.S. policies of June 24, 2002, that specified essential pre-conditions for support of Palestinian statehood. These policies stated: 1. that new Palestinian leadership must be "untainted by terror," and 2. all terrorist activities against the Jewish State must have ceased. These policies have been abandoned by Powell's State Department -- and the "road map" erodes America's credibility, debases our enduring national interest, and threatens the survival of Israel.

    Withdraw American support from this ploy promoting Arab-Israeli "peace" via the U.N. and the European Union. The "road map" quartet's other three voting members -- Russia, France and Germany --routinely harm U.S. interests, are compromised by their colonialist histories in the region and are hostile to Israel.

    Israel must be defended and protected, not betrayed for some suspicious political promise of peace from untrustworthy partners. The so-called "road map" to peace is a highway to the peace of the grave. It is a plan that surely will bring even more death and destruction to Israel and the Palestinian people. Demand President Bush and Secretary Powell set the road map aside -- now! -- and not lead America and Israel astray.

    Bill Devlin

    Then email everyone you know!