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May 05, 2003

Don’t buy it

The State Department is trying to sell us a crock

In my article, The Road Map; Its all Bullshit, I set out all the things we were told the new administration in the territories was all about, only to conclude that it was all bullshit. Old wine in new bottles. It wasn’t anything that they said it was or should be.

Now we are being sold another crock, namely that it was in our interest to make goodwill gestures, make humanitarian gestures, pull back troops, release money etc., all on the theory that we have to help the new government get established.

Why so? The case has yet to be debated, let alone made.

The way I see it, Israel is winning its war on terror just judging by the decrease in the attempted acts and in the decrease in the percentage, which are successful. Now is not the time to ease up, now is the time to keep going.

The Pals can continue to fight and continue to be crushed. Or they can work to clean up their act. Why must Israel give them an incentive to act in their own best interests. All the restrictions Israel has place on them are there to reduce terror. It is up to them to reduce this terror to get these restrictions lifted rather than for us to lift restrictions to induce them to reduce terror. That’s crazy.

Furthermore if they were serious about fighting terror they would work with Israel to crush the terror. They would cooperate. They would tell Israel who to go after and work with us. Instead this weak government, in will and in strength, wants Israel to stop so they can proceed alone. That’s crazy.

It is their problem if they are weak. It is up to them to make it strong. It has nothing to do with Israel and is not Israel’s responsibility. Besides for Israel to pull back in no way makes them strong. It just makes Israel weak. The government will become strong by their accomplishment.

Besides, Israel doesn’t like the government as it now stands. Why should Israel work to strengthen it?

Now what is meant by “confidence building measures”. It seems that Israel is to hold out promise of success by them in order to induce them to negotiate with it. Israel has to convince them that the process is in their interest so that they will have the confidence to pursue it. Wrong again. Israel should be doing the opposite. It should be giving them messages upon messages that terror has not worked and that they will be lucky to get anything if the terror goes on. We should increase the stakes not reduce them. They must know that they have lost and that Israel has won. They must know that they are weak and that Israel is strong.

The Road Map is designed to make them equal partners and to establish moral equivalence and to strengthen their negotiating position and give them “observers” that can help them. Why should Israel cooperate in having its hair shorn . Israel is not asleep as Samson was. Israel should not allow its stronger position to be undermined. Israel has earned the right to negotiate from strength.

As for the money transfers “let them go drink in the Mediterranean. They caused us great loss and we should keep it in compensation. They have many benefactors we have one.

Don’t buy this crock.