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May 02, 2003

Debka Links Two Human Bombs to Syria

From Debka (lets hope Colin does not bring this up when he visits Syria soon, it may sour oour relations and get in the way of Syrian efforts to stop terrorism): "DEBKAfile reveals: Updated findings show Tel Aviv suicide attack was originally planned for Passover by Damascus-based Hamas operations mastermind Imad al-Alamai who works with Hizballah. He was controller of British killer team, one of which spent four months in Damascus preparing operation. His partner flew to Syria through Europe three weeks ago.

Together they passed through Jordan to Allenby Bridge crossing, entering on British passports and driving to Gaza Strip. Their bomb belts contained new type of explosive not seen before by Israeli bomb experts and presumed imported. Al Aqsa Brigades of Arafat’s Fatah and Hamas claimed attack"