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May 27, 2003

Debka Headlines

Sharon Retreats

Sharon retracts reference to “occupation” in relation to Palestinians. ("Maintaining three and a half million Palestinians under occupation is a bad thing and must end”). Responding to widespread furor and advice from Likud faction leader, prime minister said he meant control and was misunderstood.

DEBKAfile pointed Monday to potential legal damage to Israel’s cause in international forums and tribunals. Full article with Tuesday’s update appears below

Legal circles urge Israeli prime minister to publish a formal retraction formulated with help of competent legal advisers to avoid bringing government, citizens on both sides of Green Line, counter-terror combat personnel into unwarranted legal jeopardy

White House holds decisive consultation Tuesday on tough measures against Iran’s nuclear program including action to destabilize regime. Armed Forces chief Myers accuses Iran of harboring al Qaeda terrorists
see title/link for article listed by DEBKA