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May 12, 2003

Change the premises for a solution

All discussion of a solution to the situation is based on false assumptions or premises like
It is a Palestinian/Israeli conflict not an Arab/Israeli conflict.
The territories are Arab/Palestinian land
Settlements are an obstacle to peace
Israel must provide confidence-building measures.
Arabs must be given something in order to expect them to fight terror
That the Arabs have a right of return
That the Arabs are entitled to a return of the land
That the Arabs are entitled to a return of every inch of the land
That the Arabs don’t lose anything as a result of the wars they started and lost
That the Arabs are entitled to demand anything of Israel
That the roadblocks are humiliating
That Israel must ease conditions.
My premises are
the territories are Israeli land we won them fair and square and paid for them with our blood.
Settlements are a force for peace. The more Israel builds the more the Arabs want a solution.
It is the Arabs who must provide confidence-building measures.
The intafadah and all previous wars are going to cost them There is no free shot at Israel
It is the responsibility of the Arabs to forgo terror
The Arabs are not entitled to a reward for being good.
Israel should tighten all restrictions and make the Arabs pay for their resort to terror.
As long as the Arabs don’t want to abandon the terror option or for that matter the armed resistance, they should be entitled to nothing but more pressure.
Israel should keep what it wants and then give them the rest.