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May 13, 2003

"The centrality of the Palestinian Question"

As soon as the "Palestinians" achieve a just solution, there will be peace all around. This is what Arab propaganda would have you believe, and this is the mantra repeated endlessly with only minor variations.

Today's [May 13, 2003] news stories bring two examples of Islamist terrorism, neither having anything to do with Israel.

The first story, cited here from the British Telegraph, reports about terrorism in chechnya:
Ton of TNT kills 40 in Chechen lorry blast

At least 40 people were killed and more than 100 wounded yesterday when a Chechen suicide bomber detonated a lorry packed with a ton of TNT in a government compound in the rebellious southern republic.
If Russia hoped to appease the Islamists with the RoadMap, then clearly this appeasement scheme has failed miserably. As did the British attempts to appease the Arabs from 1920 to date.

The second story, also quoted from the Telegraph, reports about the latest terrorism in Saudi Arabia:
Four bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia

Four huge explosions rocked the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh last night on the eve of a visit by Colin Powell, the US secretary of state.

The company headquarters of a jointly owned US-Saudi firm was hit soon after simultanous attacks on three residential compounds, mostly home to western exapatriates.
Ironically, my foregoing comment about Russia applies to the US too: "if Powell hoped to appease the Islamists with the RoadMap, then clearly this appeasement scheme has failed miserably. As did the British attempts to appease the Arabs from 1920 to date".

These incidents come on the heels of other recent news about Islamist terrorism in such places as Aceh provice of Indonesia, and in the Philippines, where "A bomb exploded Saturday [May 10] at a crowded market in a southern Philippine city, killing at least 13 people and wounding 26". Together, these incidents lend credence to the words of the former CIA chief, James Woolsey, that "the U.S. is already fighting World War IV", and debunking the thesis about the "centrality of the Palestinian question". Indeed, anyone who requires further convincing that Islamism is the central problem, not Israel, need only refer to yesterday's [May 12, 2003] NYT article entitled, "What Drove 2 Britons to Bomb a Club in Tel Aviv?" by SARAH LYALL. The article notes, inter alia:
"Some people take Islam deeper than others," said a young man on Normanton Road, by way of explaining Mr. Sharif's motives. He declined to give his name, but said he was 19 and an unemployed second-generation Pakistani.

"Killing people is wrong, obviously, but if he was doing it for God himself — then fair enough," said the man, checking his cellphone for the time, so he could get to the bank before it closed.
Across the street, a group of hair-gelled youths in Nike and Reebok sweatsuits perched on a railing and commented on the events involving Mr. Sharif. Inside, the older proprietor of a fast-food restaurant dismissed their comments with contempt, but talk they did.

"What he's done [the latest homicide bombing in Tel Aviv] is very good, and they won't ever find him," said Basu Hussain, 18, taking a break from his job at Lick'n Chick'n, a fast-food outlet. "We should all get together and kill all the Jews."
Most Muslims here tend to avoid people from Al Muhajiroun, who regularly waylay them as they leave the mosque after Friday Prayers.

"The literature they put out is embarrassing for mature members of the community, people who have more understanding," said Fareed Hussain, a member of the Derby City Council. "Not only do they they put out propaganda against Jewish people, but also against Indian people, Sikhs and Hindus."
One young Derby Muslim who admires what Mr. Sharif is said to have done is Shaban Yasin, 17. He works at a halal fish, chips and kebab shop that caters to all manner of multiethnic culinary tastes. Suicide bombing, he said, is the "wrong way" to kill the Jews, adding that, "We should find out the best way to kill them, and do that."
In summary: On the one hand, the terrorism documented above would have occurred even had Israel been wiped off the map, as the Quartet indeed wish. On the other hand, such terror, multiplied by a thousand, is exactly what will befall all democracies, once the Quartet has its way with Israel. The problem is not Israel; the problem is Islamism and Western appeasement. May the Weak Horses of the Quartet beware!