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May 14, 2003

Canossa, D.C.

Commentators seem to believe that the US keeps sending mixed signals regarding the Roadmap, even as I see nothing but clear, unequivocal anti-Israel signals. Enter Powell to settle the dispute. Here is the Telegraph definitive reporting on the matter, May 14, 2003:

US will not budge on road map, says Powell

The road map for peace in the Middle East will not be rewritten, Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, said yesterday.
Mr Powell spoke as Palestinian leaders grew increasingly concerned that Mr Sharon, whose government has not yet accepted the road map, would try to renegotiate its terms in a meeting in Washington next week with President George W Bush.

"The Israelis have some comments on the road map and we will listen to their comments but we do not plan to rewrite or renegotiate the road map," Mr Powell said in Jordan, on the third leg of a tour to whip up support for the plan.
Here is Powell in simple English: If Sharon decides to go to Canossa, D.C., it is up to him, but Canossa it shall be.