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May 03, 2003

But we don't want to be unilateralists, Mr Bush

WASHINGTON - If the unilateralist hawks in the administration of President George W Bush were hoping that the easier than expected military victory in Iraq would bring the US public closer to their views, they are likely to be very disappointed by the latest polling. It shows that much of the public appears to be more in tune with the views of "Old Europe" - a moniker applied by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to describe European countries that opposed Washington's rush to attack Iraq - than with those of the neo-conservatives around Rumsfeld.

While three in four US adults say they now believe the war was right, according to the most comprehensive poll to date, strong majorities reject either a more unilateralist or military-oriented role for the United States in the future and continue to see the United Nations as the best mechanism for dealing with international crises.

Moreover, almost two-thirds of a random survey of adults agreed with the assertion, "The US plays the role of world policeman more than it should," and only 12 percent agreed with the notion that "the US should continue to be the pre-eminent world leader in solving international problems". MORE
This poll is very surprising in that it indicates Americans want to use the UN and relate to the EU. They don't like unilateralism.