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May 03, 2003

Britons are new pawns in terrorists’ evil game

Tme to wake up and smell the tea, as this article in Times Online makes clear
THE recruitment of young Britons as bombers in Palestine is a disturbing development in the growth of violent Islamic extremism in the United Kingdom.

The first British man who hoped to become a suicide bomber was Richard Reid, who tried to blow himself up using a bomb hidden in his shoe on an aircraft from France to America. A handful of radical mosques have recruited British youths to fight for Muslim causes célèbres in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia and Yemen.

The rhetoric of the holy men who recruit them is filled with references to young men’s religious duty to avenge for the suffering of Muslims worldwide. The most potent cause is Palestine.

Radical Islamists do not flinch from describing Israel and Jews in an inflammatory language of hatred that has been unacceptable in polite British society for half a century. Shaikh Faisal was jailed after touring Britain telling Muslim boys to master the Kalashnikov so they could kill “filthy” Jews, Hindus and infidels. He preached anti-semitic conspiracy theories about the power of Jewish moneylenders and promised his young followers that martyrs who died in the cause of Islam would go to Heaven and be rewarded with a host of virgins.

Significant numbers of young British Muslims have become battle-hardened in jihads around the world. There is a global movement of radical Islamist fighters who descend upon countries where they perceive their co-religionists to be under threat. Some of these headed even into Iraq to defend Saddam’s regime[more]