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May 27, 2003

Bold Bush can secure Mideast peace

An article for the Orlando Sentinel suggests that Pres. Bush may have a chance for a place in history by bringing about, through direct actions and his presence, a peace in the ME after all these years. But the post beneath this one suggests the time not yet right.
As repeated bombings and retaliation obscure peace prospects between Israelis and Palestinians, many Americans naturally wonder if hoping for a settlement is realistic.

The answer is yes -- unequivocally. Combatants can tire of fighting or recognize the futility of their actions. Costs can grow out of control. And, even in a region known for contentiousness, such as the Middle East, good sense and statesmanship can prevail.

For example, after the devastating 1973 Arab-Israeli war, which threatened to bring the United States and the former Soviet Union to blows, pessimism about peace abounded.

Yet, in just a few years, a series of developments was propelling Egypt and Israel toward a peace accord. That the peace has remained cold is far less significant than the absence of military conflict.[more]