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May 19, 2003

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James Taranto has this to say about The Road
Are We There Yet?
An Arab terrorist murdered at least two people this afternoon at a mall in Afula, Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports. Over the weekend three suicide bombers murdered nine Israelis, just as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was meeting with Palestinian "prime minister" Mahmoud Abbas, an early stop on the "road map" for peace. The biggest attack took place in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem, where a suicide murderer stepped onto a bus and blew himself up, killing seven. The Washington Post reports:

"I saw bodies laying there like dolls," said Sgt. Dekel Shai, 19, an Israeli soldier who said he jumped out of the bus after the explosion. "Other people were screaming and covered in blood."

Six of the seven victims on the bus were from the same neighborhood in the community of Pisgat Zeev, where the bus made its first stop near the Green Line separating Israel and the West Bank, according to Israeli television reports. The bomber's belt was filled with tiny metal balls and bullets that pierced the bodies of many of the victims, according to rescue workers.

The "road map" calls for an end to Palestinian Arab terrorism by the end of this month. You've got 12 days left, Abbas--good luck.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports "Palestinian militants have executed a young Palestinian in a public square in the West Bank city of Nablus, witnesses said, in a graphic warning to Palestinians against collaborating with Israeli intelligence":

Seven masked activists hauled Alla Daghlas, 22, to the main square in Nablus on Sunday. His hands tied behind his back, he was forced to kneel, with two gunmen pointing guns at him. Then "they shot him together and went back into the Old City where they came from," said witness Ahmed Abu-Omar, 28.

Perhaps the time isn't yet ripe for a Palestinian state.