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May 10, 2003

Aziz quotes Haggai, who earlier quoted this:
In 1953, when a rumor that Hitler might still be alive circulated around the world, an Arab newspaper asked some public figures what they would say to Hitler if they could contact him. As quoted in Bernard Lewis' book "Semites and Anti-Semites," this Arab officer responded: "I congratulate you with all my heart, because, though you appear to have been defeated, you were the real victor." [...] 24 years later, in 1977, the Nazi collaborator and author of that passage--Anwar Sadat--became the first Arab leader to visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
Now, this logic supposedly should be applied to abu-Mazen. I am not going to dwell on the several reasons why the two cases are different. I am just going to poiint out two important facts. One is that Sadat is dead (not a natural death, mind you). The other is that the real reason Egypt has not been at war with Israel since 1973 has little to do with the fact that Sadat visited Jerusalem (although this is the reason why he is dead). The real reason for this non-war status is the fact that Egypt was badly beaten in 1973. Another is that there is no longer a Soviet Union to support Egypt financially and militarily. On the other hand, there is the American financial support, that is clearly conditioned on Egypt's nonbelligerency. Just folow the money, and things clear up.