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May 16, 2003

Another Palestinian ploy

The media are playing this story up as though it were some sort of big deal, but in reality it's just another tactic of the Palestinian Authority. Saeb Erekat has "resigned" his post as the senior Palestinian negotiator, supposedly due to his anger at being left out of negotations between Ariel Sharon and Palestinian terrorist/prime minister Abu Mazen. Yeah, right. Here's the truth of the matter: Erekat probably quit in order to show the world that there is true democracy and difference of opinion within the new Palestinian cabinet. Erekat will be back before long, and the media will pretend as though some breach has been fixed. Remember, Abu Mazen himself pursued this tactic when Arafat "refused" to grant him power. This makes it seem as though Arafat is not in control, or that there are severe disagreements within Palestinian public opinion as to whether or not to pursue destruction of Israel. There isn't. This is an act.