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May 27, 2003

Analysis / A one-way street

Even if Joseph Norland doesn't agree with me, Akiva Eldar, does. Yesterday I said that the reservations "gutted" the roadmap. Today , writing in Ha'aretz, Eldar agrees.
Israel's reservations on the road map plan that were attached to the government's decision, turn the document from a diplomatic initiative into an Israeli diktat of a Palestinian surrender agreement.

In one fell swoop the reservations do away with long months of negotiations during which the Quartet, and then the U.S., rejected most of them. The authors of the document apparently assumed that President George Bush was only asking for the formal approval of the Sharon government to the road map, and to hell with the implementation.

In the document, not the slightest effort at moderating the reservations is made, nor is an effort made to hide the intention of neutering the road map. This is like thumbing one's nose at the U.S., the European Union, Russia and the UN. Not surprising, the Palestinians flared up yesterday when they heard the reservations. More
Unfortunately Eldar thinks the worst of Sharon for doing so (he must be a leftist). I on the other hand, am thrilled. See my comments yesterday.