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May 12, 2003

Americans want peace now.

Frank Luntz, a well-known Republican pollster and political consultant who sometimes assists Israel's public relations campaign in the United States advised as follows
Most Americans dislike Sharon and believe that neither Israel nor the Palestinians want peace, Luntz continued. Americans, however, want peace now - and they do not care what Israel must sacrifice to achieve it, he said. Thus, for Israel to insist on its rights, he said, will cost it in terms of American public opinion.

Americans, Luntz added, do not want to hear about democracy in Israel. They want to know when the settlements will be dismantled, when the occupation will end and when Israel will recognize a Palestinian state, as well as when the Palestinians will halt terror, when they will finally oust Yasser Arafat and when they will stop educating their children to hate Israel. In short, Americans want to pressure both sides to reach an agreement. MORE