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May 22, 2003

American aid to Middle East

According to the June 2003 issue of Reader's Digest, our good old USA doles out to Middle East Countries the following:

Bahrain $29 Million (military)
Egypt $659 million (economic), $1.3 billion (military)
Iran none
Iraq none before the war
Israel $748 million (economic), $2 billion (military)
Jordan $253 million (economic), $1.3 billion (military)
Kuwait none
Lebanon $37 million (economic), $568 million (military)
Libya none
Oman $515K (economic), $25 million (military)
Qatar none
Saudi Arabia $30,000 (economic), $24,000 (military)
Sudan $71 million (economic)
Syria none
UAE $350,000 (economic)
Yemen $9 million (economic), $20 million (military)