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May 20, 2003

All Hail Islam Online

Yup, I mean it this time: All Hail Islam Online.

Yesterday I posted a piece entitled, "Wake up", concerning a Jewish-Christian Summit held last weekend (17-18 May, 2003) in Washington. The Christian forces behind this endeavour (according to the Washington Times) are potentially 45 million strong, a reservoir of good will towards Israel that is unparalleled in size and potential influence. The conference ended with a letter to the US president, rejecting the Roadmap and signed by 22 principal leaders.

The official name of the conference is "Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit," and if you try to run a google search under this name you'll find a reference to a detailed article at the Islam Online site (also copied at Palestine Chronicles); there is also a shorter reference at Ekklesia, the existence of which was unknown to me until today. Other than the article in Washington Times (to which I alluded yesterday), I could find no reference in the mainstream media. Jerusalem Post, for example, referred to the letter in an article entitled, "American Christian leaders warn Bush on road map", but there is absolutely no hint about the conference or the force behind it. Shame on you, JPost! Ha'Artez is even worse: not a word, only deafening silence.

In all, were it not for Islam Online, the conference would sink into complete obscurity.

Had the Arabs attempted to take over the Israeli PR apparatus, they could not have succeeded better. Surely, these days we all know that if you have the best of all product but you do a poor marketing job, then you might as well have no product at all. And yet, Israel advocates, as best I can see, are doing nothing to publicize initiatives such as the "Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit," with its potential 45 million supporters.

Under the title, American Zionists Reject Bush 'Road Map', here is what Islam Online had to report (in part):

American Christian and Jewish Zionists have adopted a three-page statement to be delivered to President Bush this week, demanding Palestinian concessions before Israel is asked to return to its pre-1967 borders, which would turn over the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority.

The "Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit," conference held in Washington May 18, that attracted about 1,000 participants, debated how evangelical Christians could best unite with Jews to support Israel.

The article then continues to paraphrase the Washington Times text, but at least one does get a good idea as to what transpired.

It is a sad day when Israel's supporters must have recourse to Islam Online in order to obtain information on such a vital meeting as the Interfaith Summit.

We had better wake up before the battle for the hearts and minds of North Americans is lost.