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May 20, 2003

Action: ZOA Mission to Washington, June 17-18, 2003

Ever since Prime Minister Barak made his incredibly generous offer to Chairman Arafat at the Camp David in July of 2000, the Israeli people have been confronted with unprecedented attacks of terrorism against their civilian population resulting in more than 750 fatalities and thousands of injuries.

As America is engaged in fighting a War on Terrorism, we should not reward two and a half years of unprecedented terrorism against the Israeli people with Palestinian Statehood. The Road Map does not even require single day,hour or minute in which the Palestinians are to prove that they have truly renounced terrorism.

If there was ever a time to come to Washington, and make your voices heard it is NOW.

COME to the ZOA Mission to Washington on June 17th and 18th.

Have Dinner with Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Embassy Spokesman Mark Regev and a famous anti-terrorism expert.

Lobby your Senators and Member of Congress against rewarding Palestinian terrorism with statehood, as well as for important pieces of legislation such as the Koby Mandell Act and the Syria Accountability Act .

Have lunch with members of Congress and Senators.

Meet with Representatives of the Executive Branch.

People travel to Washington from all over the country for this. We in the Washington area, should just take off one or two days from work to come to the aid of our people.

To register, Call Ariella at (212) 481-1500, or go to .

Sarah N. Stern
National Policy Coordinator

Zionist Organization of America
202-204-2560 (office)
202-204-2561 (fax)
301-922-9667 (cell)