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May 08, 2003

Action: Are you in favour of the creation of a Palestinian state?

Here is an opportunity to act against the Roadmap - it's painless and it takes but a minute. WorldNetDaily is running a poll on the question posed above.

As of writing time (7 May 2003, 10 pm EDT), over 5,500 persons have participated, and the breakdown of their responses is as follows:

Are you in favor of the creation of a Palestinian state?
No, not now, not ever 35.06% (1925)
No, institutionalized culture of suicide bombings makes co-existence with Israel impossible 18.98% (1042)
No, Palestinians have proven they don't wish to live peacefully 17.09% (938)
Yes, but it should be in Jordan 13.73% (754)
Yes, only after a full year of total cessation of terrorist acts 5.66% (311)
Yes, it's the prescription for Mideast peace 4.06% (223)
Other 1.77% (97)
Yes, and it should consist of all of Israel's territory 1.64% (90)
No, I'm uneasy about the success of such an idea 1.42% (78)
Yes, Abu Mazen gives idea new hope 0.58% (32)
If you feel strongly about the issue, please visit the polling site and cast your vote.