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May 26, 2003

"Acceptance" is all appearance and not binding

Except for an acceptance of a democratic peaceful Palestinian state

On Sunday, along with the full Israeli resolutions and fourteen red lines, I posted these comments on the "acceptance".
This "acceptance" is taking "yes, but" to a new level. Not only does the Cabinet accept the "steps" as opposed to the whole Roadmap, it totally gutted the Roadmap itself, by attaching Sharon's red lines. Each stage or step is conditional of satisfactory performance of the earlier stage. In essence, all they have accepted are the three stages leading to a peaceful demilitarized Palestinian State. If you can live with this it is a great deal.

I also understand from Debka the the American monitors being sent are really a shadow government who will direct all the Palestinian moves. In effect the US will be governing the Palestinians just like they are governing the Iraqis.

Ha'aretz reports as follows
Mofaz, who voted for the road map in the Sunday session, but has consistently warned that it poses dangers for Israel, said in comments broadcast on Army Radio:
We did not vote on an international agreement. In fact, this is not a legal document, there is no sort of commitment here, rather this is a declaration of diplomatic intentions.

In my view, this is a reality in which we are saying 'yes' to the process, even though the chances are not necessarily high - certainly not [in view of the] period of time that has transpired since the Abu Mazen government was established - but we are prepared to go into the process positively.

The Americans stated that they are relating to all of Israel's comments 'fully and seriously,' and from this it can be understood that there is very profound commitment with respect to Israel's comments.
More, of this will become evident in the days to come.

For those for whom a Palestinian state is an anathema under any conditions, then you can still have hope that Arafat can fulfill your dreams. But I think he, and terrorism, are on the wrong side of history.

I have been a vociferous opponent of the Roadmap and would prefer that no state be created that would be a threat to Israel. Israel's "acceptance", I believe works in their interest. The US has been given the opportunity to deliver the Arabs and produce a terror free Palestine. I think they will succeed. Mazen knows that he must defeat terrorism if the Palestinians are to have a state. He is committed to doing so with America's assistance. This assistance will become evident as we move forward.

One other thing of great interest and value. The fact that the US and Mazen accepted this very limited acceptance, says volumes. At first they said that acceptance wasn't necessary as long as the process started. Then for political reasons, they asked Sharon to do this phoney acceptance so that the US would have better cover for what they needed to do with respect to subduing terror. They also forced Mazen to accept this weak Israeli "acceptance". In the real world it would never pass for acceptance.