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April 16, 2003

Why "Palestine" but no Kurdistan?

Gerald A. Honigman in a guest column in the Jewish Internet Assn writes,
Some 30 million proud, abused, and beleaguered people, still not in possession of one state let alone 22 others, are thus simply disregarded in a grotesque display of moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy by the very same circles promoting an Arafatian state...

Just imagine if Israel was to say that under no circumstances would a another Palestinian Arab state be permitted to be created. Could you envision the outcry around the world? Yet this is precisely what our friends, the Turks, have stated over and over again regarding the Kurds. And this was echoed in Thomas Friedman's March 28th article in the New York Times as well. Friedman advises that the Kurds should be told point blank, "what part of 'no' don't you understand? ...You Kurds are not breaking away." Nauseating. This is the same Friedman who has written volumes espousing the creation of a 23rd Arab state, and second Arab one in the original. MORE
He goes on to show it is just as wrong to deny the Kurds a state as it is wrong to give one to the Pals.
We hear from the folks at the State Department that Iraq must not be dismembered because it will lead to instability in the region. Funny, that these same folks don't think twice about what the creation of a second Palestinian Arab state will do to both a miniscule, 9-mile wide Israel and a Jordan whose majority population is Palestinian Arab. Repeated partitions are legitimate for Palestine, but not even one is permissible for Mesopotamia/Iraq. What's wrong with this picture?

The real reasons for our State Department not wanting this, of course, are quite different. One of the main ones is the same one that Britain had when it aborted an independent Kurdistan in the first place: fear of angering the Arab world. But think of what could happen if Mosul and Kirkuk's oil became part of a long overdue, friendly Kurdish State with America as its main ally...
This fear of angering the Arabs results in the hapless condition of both the Kurds and the Israelis.