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April 29, 2003


The New York Times (and presumably other news sources as well) is reporting that "U.S. Troops Fire on Iraqi Protesters, Leaving 15 Dead":

United States soldiers opened fire on Iraqis at an antiwar demonstration here, and according to local hospital officials killed 15 people and wounded about 75. An American officer said today that the troops opened fire after being "intentionally" shot at by some of the protesters, a claim disputed by residents.

Repeatedly, we are seeing in Iraq that when confronted with situations similar to those encountered almost daily by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza, American soldiers are reacting with at least as much force, usually more. This would seem to justify the oft criticized behavior of Israeli soldiers, whether when they unavoidably shoot unarmed Palestinians in a crowd out of which other armed Palestinians are shooting at the soldiers, or when they are forced to shoot at speeding cars that refuse to halt at checkpoints.By now, American forces in Iraq have encountered both these scenarios, and have wound up inflicting greater amounts of fatalities than Israeli soldiers do routinely in similar circumstances. The argument that Israeli soldiers exercise the utmost restraint and care when encountered with these difficult, usually life-threatening situations is validated, as we now have a point for comparison.

It is ironic that this validation of the exemplary moral behavior of Israeli forces when confronted with potentially fatal volatile situations comes at a time when the Quartet, including Bush who is commander-in-chief of those same American forces in Iraq, is gearing up to pressure Israel into further concessions towards the Palestinians.

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