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April 12, 2003

"We get results"

A boycott is one form of activism of which results can be measured. As a supporter of the boycott against France (and indeed, of all EU countries), I was delighted to read the following two pieces concerning the anti-France boycott:

(1) From NewsMax, the outlet that vigorously promoted the anti-France boycott:

It's Working: France Wineries Reeling Under Boycott

French wineries are withering as millions of Americans have begun a boycott of French wine and other French goods, the New York Times reported Thursday. The Times report, "A Most Unsettling Time for French Wineries,” appeared on the cover of the World Business section of the paper...
(2) From CNSNews:

Anti-French Sentiment Hurting Businesses in NYC

New York City ( - France's diplomatic stare-down with the United States over Iraq continues to hurt French businesses on American turf - especially those in New York City.

On Thursday came the announcement that one of New York City's premier French restaurants is closing down. Lespinasse, which is located in the St. Regis Hotel, announced it would close next week because of the economic and political climate.

During a recent talk program airing on New Jersey FM radio station WKXW, host Alan David Stein was inundated with callers supporting a boycott of French products...

Items callers said they would boycott most were French wine, food and perfume. [France is some industrial powerhouse, eh?]
I have little doubt that the French will blame the boycott on "the Jews": looking at oneself critically is not easy.