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April 07, 2003

"Vive Chirac. Stop The Jews!"

Hat tip to Instapundit for this piece. See the link to follow links within the article
The peace movement has never been known for its moral fortitude, although they have always regarded themselves as morally superior, as if the single-minded pursuit of peace at all cost is the sign of a more advanced intellect. It is in fact the opposite, as it provides a seemingly easy way out of real life dilemmas, and ignores the real life costs of pursuing peace at all cost. The lesson of the 1930's has been completely lost on them. Appeasement does not work. Sometimes the peace won in the short term begets much more serious problems in the long term, but I guess if you're a sophisticated thinker such reasoning can be shot down easily.

But that's just the charitable interpretation, as the so-called "peace" movement has a long history of serving as the useful idiots for foreign regimes guilty of horrific human rights violations. In the 1980's it was the Soviet Union, now it is the likes of Saddam who find support on the left. But these peace-movements, together with the rise in Islamic influence in Europe (see also recent experiences in Denmark) a new element has been added to the "peace" movement's canon: anti-semitism. This has been mirrored by the rise of anti-semitism in the incubators of far-left radicalism on American campuses.

In France the toxic mix of Islamofascism from the Arab immigrants and the anti-Americanism of the French governments is leading to a dangerous environment if you happen to be Jew in France, as the Washington Times reports on the latest attacks of Muslim youths on Jews there. Of course, the fact that these Jews were protesting the war too made no difference to the Arabs. As the Washington Times writes:
The French government was forced to appeal for calm after protesters, some of them carrying pictures of Saddam Hussein, burned the Israeli flag and turned on Jewish students, attacking one of them with an iron bar, during a series of antiwar rallies.

Officials fear that antiwar sentiment, supported by President Jacques Chirac, may be running out of control and could ignite widespread violence. Banners at recent demonstrations have shown the Star of David intertwined with a Nazi swastika, while protesters shouted: "Vive Chirac. Stop the Jews."
That last slogan really sums it up. "Vive Chirac. Stop the Jews." And what does the celebrated Chirac do? According to the Washington Times, he's keeping quiet.

To be fair, the police are setting up a new unit to investigate racist and anti-semitic crimes. It's a bit late to focus on that only now, as anti-semitic violence has been increasing in France was several years now. The article also points out the potential for civil unrest in France, where millions of unassimilated Arabs live in the vast and depressing suburbs of French cities. The embers Chirac has been fanning may yet rise up into a fire