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April 10, 2003

A US citizen writes to her president

The following is a letter sent by reader Joanna McLeod to Colin Powell's boss; reprinted with permission.

Dear Mr. President:

At a time when America is looking forward to the possibility of democracy in Iraq, I am writing to entreat you to throw your weight behind the one strong democracy in the Middle East, and America's strongest ally, Israel.

The roadmap compromises Israel's security, and jeopardizes her very survival. The fact that America is supporting the creation of a Palestinian state (a reward for Arafat) at a time when Arafat has failed either to credibly condemn or prevent terrorism, or to acknowledge Israel's right to exist is incommensurable with America's pro-democracy anti-terrorist stance against Iraq. Rather than support the roadmap, I ask that America take a staunch, brave and unequivocal stand in supporting Israel -- financially, militarily, and symbolically - in her courageous, costly war against terrorism. This is an opportunity to succeed in championing democracy and condemning terrorism where your predecessor, Mr. Clinton, ignominiously failed.

Israel's future is a key voting issue for me, and for many of my like-minded peers. I would find it impossible to vote against the man who safeguarded Israel's future in her hour of need.

Please do not bow to Blair-ite pressure to impose the roadmap upon Israel in return for his support for the coalition. Britain is contributing a fraction of resources for the war effort compared to America, and Blair has proved a singularly useless ambassador for this cause in the for a of the UN and the EU.


Joanna McLeod
We need more letters of this kind.