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April 29, 2003

Two "good news" items

You will probably never find these items in mainstream media, since this entity seems bent on defaming Israel - and the US - at every turn. The items below are mailed to subscribers of Israel Line, which is an e-mail service provided free to subscribers; the URL for subscription is

The first "good news" item concerns Israeli high tech in the service of anti-terrorism. Israel Line reports:
Israeli Technology Powers FBI's Counter-Terrorism Data System

A system developed in Israel is powering a new counter-terrorism database within the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation, enhancing the US government's ability to thwart terrorist attacks, ISRAEL 21C reported.

The system will ensure knowledge and sharing of all terrorism-related information within the FBI and with the CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies The tool created by the ClearForest company, will allow bureau analysts to more easily pore through the more than one billion documents that make up the FBI repository and share information with other intelligence agencies. ClearForest, with headquarters in New York and Research and Development facilities in Israel, is a leader in organizing unstructured information and finding important patterns that help analysts form theories and reach conclusions...
Israel C21, from which the foregoing news story is extracted, may be found at

The second item concerns the medical field, another area in which Israel does well:
An American military doctor serving on the USS Comfort Hospital ship currently in the Persian Gulf, has requested the help of Israeli Professor Arye Eldad in order to save an Iraqi child suffering from burns over 45 percent of his body, MA'ARIV reported.

The child cannot receive the necessary medical treatment aboard the US ship, which was not staying on shore for a sufficient period of time. Eldad, who was a general health officer in the Israel Defense Forces and served as director of the plastic Department at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital until he was elected to become a Member of Knesset, turned to the Hadassah hospital administration as well as to officials within the Ministry of Health and obtained their approval to take care of the Iraqi child. He conveyed the positive answer to the American doctor and he is now awaiting further developments.
One cannot but wonder: How much would Israel's neighbours have benefited, had Israel been left in peace to pursue science, technology, commerce and the arts, instead of having been forced into funnelling endless resources into self-defence! Truly, Israel's Arab neighbours are cutting off their nose to spite their face.