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April 14, 2003

Trust Reuters to whitewash Saddam's murderous rule and Palestinian terrorism.

Locals recall fondly how Saddam allowed financially strapped Palestinians to study free of charge at Iraqi universities and sent checks of up to $25,000 to families of Palestinians killed in the current conflict with Israel.
No mention that to get that check one had to blow oneself up while murdering innocent Israeli civilians.

"We know Saddam made a lot of mistakes during his rule," she said, alluding to his bloody suppression of internal opponents and disastrous wars that pauperized ordinary Iraqis. "But he stood up for us and who will replace him in that way?"
No allusion to Saddam's political prisone camps for children, the tens-of-thousands 'disappeared', insitutionalized rape and torture. Just some bad decisions and 'bloody suppression of internal opponents', something Arafat knows a lot about.