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April 30, 2003

Throw out the Jews, Throw out the Arabs.

In moderate Palestinian and holocaust denier Abu Mazen’s speech after people chosen as Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, he announced that for there to be peace with Israel, the ‘Settlements’ would have to go. In other words, his goal as Prime Minister is to create a Palestinians state in the Jews historic home that is free from Jews. This Jew free state will only make peace with Israel (a state with 20% Arabs) if Israel tacitly recognizes the Jew free status of Palestine.

There is an obvious asymmetry in this this relationship, this bargaining, in the projected populations of these two areas. This asymmetry causes irregularity in the bargaining process such that the side with the irregularity causing the asymmetry has a stronger bargaining position since the opposing side does not have any thing to trade to rid the other side of the irregularity. Thus, asymmetry of bargaining positions will cause an asymmetry of bargaining power and thus bargaining results.

Israel needs to create an a symmetry in bargaining demands so that the bargaining results in symmetrical results.

Thus, in response to the Arabs’ demand that the settlements be dismantled, the Israelis should make the counter demand that Arabs towns in Israel be dismantled in exchange. Thus, Palestine wants to be Jew free. To achieve this goal, the Palestinians leadership will have to consent to Israel being Arab free. The Arabs in Israel are settlers as well, just longer term settlers from the Muslim efforts to conquer the world.

Israel is foolish not to propose such a solution, not to deal in the reality of demographic issues and an increasingly radicalized Arab minority. To the extent it will end up giving up many settlements anyway, such a proposal can only cause it to gain.

While on the subject of symmetry, we may as well deal with the ‘right of return’. To the extent that Palestinians are asking for the ‘right of return’ or at least acknowledge meant of ‘historical wrongs’ done the Arabs by the Jews, the Jews should ask for symmetry. The Palestinians want the right to live in a free democratic society, purchase land, participate in elections, etc., then the Palestinians have to provide the same thing. Abu Mazen should be called on to recognize that the West Bank and Gaza are the historical homes of the Jewish people. Also, the Palestinian Authority needs to give the Jews equal right sin PA areas and change laws that discriminate against Jews.(currently it is treason to sell Jews land). Also, Jews must be allowed to participate in PA elections and elect members to the PA parliament.

Israel need to realize that it is in the suck and it need to behave accordingly or have its face ripped off. If one side asks for twice the eventual price then the other needs to offer half of that eventual price.