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April 06, 2003

Three important items in today's Telegrah

Today's [Sunday, April 6] Telegraph (the Telegraph being the only British Paper known to me that is not Saddam's mouthpiece), brings three important, Iraq-related itmes).

The first is yet another answer to the leftists' question about the smoking gun; the items is headlined, "Deadly chemicals are found dumped in river".

The second item raises the question as to when we can expect the hyporites from Amensty International and associated bleeding hearts to raise their voice in condemnation of Saddam. The relevant item is headlined, "Tortured and shot: hundreds of Iraqi dead discovered at military base." The text sends chills through one's spine but it is a must read, for it documents the crimes of the regime from which the coalition is liberating the people of Iraq.

The third item contributes to unmasking the anti-Semitic nature of those who oppose the liberation of Iraq, and where can this be better illustrated than in contemporary Vichy? The relevant item is headlined, "Jews attacked in French anti-war protests" and includes this indictment:
President Chirac, whose bitter opposition to the United States-led military offensive in Iraq has won him almost universal support in France, has remained silent on the attacks...

The fears of increased anti-Semitism come only a month after the French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin allegedly told a group of centre-Right MPs that "the hawks in the US administration are in the hands of [Ariel] Sharon".
Have a good weekend.